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Finca La Pradera Strawberry, Colombia

Anticipate for ripe, red fruits, strawberry, tangerine and black tea when roasted for filter; Expect intensely sweet, dried strawberry, chocolate flavours with a creamy, velvety body when roasting for espresso.

Size: 300g

Producer: Felipe Archila

Varieties: Castillo

Process: Anaerobic Honey process, infused with strawberries and wine yeast

Elevation: 1350 masl



Finca La Pradera is situated in a 16 hectare estate, of which 12 hectares are dedicated to coffee growing and production. The farm is situated on a hillside in Armenia, Quindio, which sits at 1350 masl.

This very special lot of coffee utilises a combination of anaerobic fermentation and honey processing methods. First, ripe cherries are handpicked. The coffee fruits then undergo a 72-hour anaerobic fermentation in plastic tanks with added wine yeast and fresh strawberry pulp. During this process, the coffee is infused with the flavours of the strawberries. Carbon Dioxide is added to displace the oxygen, creating an anoxic environment during the 72 hour fermentation. After fermentation, the cherries’ fruit is removed by running the cherries through a de-pulper machine. No water is used in the de-pulping so the mucilage, the sticky layer in between the fruit and seed of the coffee cherry, is left intact. The coffee is then dried on raised beds until the coffee reaches 12% moisture content.

‘Strawberry fields forever’ played over and over in our heads when the sample of this coffee came into IKAWA HQ. We were all quite surprised by how intensely flavoured this unique and special coffee is. As soon as we opened the bag of the green coffee and when we roasted and tasted each sample, the aroma and flavour of Strawberry was unmistakable! Have no fear- this flavour will not leave any residual flavourings in your IKAWA Home roaster.