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Field Report: A Coffee Odyssey through Guatemala

Coffee Reconnaissance in Jutiapa, Huehuetenango, Acatenango and Antigua

Is Roasting Coffee at Home Worth It?

7 reasons why roasting coffee at home is a game changer!

Field Report: Exploring Mexico's Coffee Heartland

A Reflection On A Journey Through the Land of Flavour and Tradition

Diving deeper: Creating your own roast recipes using Graph Editor

Amazingly, to create all the chemical and physical changes to make green coffee brown, all we have to do is add heat and time. The IKAWA Home Roaster has another element of airflow, through the fan speed controls. The art of roasting is in how and when heat is applied,...

Your Guide to IKAWA Home Roast Recipes

An explanation of the different ways to use your IKAWA Home App to roast coffee at home.

How does the IKAWA Home roasting system work

Behind its aesthetic appeal, the IKAWA home roaster is a smart piece of engineering. Paired with the App, you have everything you need to apply heat to green coffee beans precisely, in a controlled and repeatable way. Pressing the start button begins a process of complimenting systems that make sure...

IKAWA Home Origin Story

I recently sat down with Andrew Stordy, Founder of IKAWA, to discuss how he came to the idea of inventing the world's first digital micro-roaster. EJ: Good morning. Could you please introduce yourself, for our users? AS: I’m Andrew, Founder of Ikawa and inventor of the world’s first digital micro...

Introducing the new IKAWA Home App for iOS

The biggest leap forward in home coffee roasting is here and the new IKAWA Home App for iOS is now available for update. This is the largest upgrade any app at IKAWA has ever had and is the result of years of customer feedback, user interviews, and many long nights...

Roasting Coffee Beans at Home: Degassing, Storing and Tasting

Now that you have started roasting your own coffee at home, take a moment to pat yourself on the back; you’re now a home coffee roaster! Feels good, no? So, what are the next steps? Degassing coffee after roasting at home Degassing, or “resting” coffee after roasting is necessary to...