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Finca La Milagrosa Gesha, Panama


A superb and refined coffee from award winning coffee producer, Hector Vargas Gomez. Anticipate complexity in flavour with delicate floral and tea-like qualities as a filter and sweet almond, brown sugar and bergamot as an espresso.

Size: 300g

Producer: Hector Vargas 'Tito' Gomez

Variety: Gesha

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1,545-1,600 masl



This Limited Edition Panama Gesha coffee was sourced through IKAWA Alum, Tony Ruiz, who now lives and works in Boquete, connecting coffee producers to consumers.

In 1980, Hector Vargas ‘Tito’ Gomez used the money that his parents had saved for his university tuition to instead purchase the first five hectares of Finca La Milagrosa. Indeed, his parents were upset that he chose the path of coffee farming rather than pursuing a university education, but his hard work, determination and creativity have led him to notoriety in coffee farming. When he first started out, he did not have the resources to purchase milling and processing equipment, and was determined to use his creativity to make a successful coffee farm, ‘The miracle’ that Finca La Milagrosa is named for.

Hector has planted exclusive plots for each variety that is grown at Finca La Milagrosa; 10 plots in total for Typica, Pacamara, Caturra, Catuaí, Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Pache and what the farm is most known for, Gesha. There are around 25,000 plants covering the 5 hectares of the farm, which produces around 1,100 kilos of coffee per year. Every season, Hector begins harvesting in November through March with the aid of 20 or so hired seasonal workers who are trained to selectively harvest only the ripest coffee cherries. All of the coffee is depulped and washed at Finca La Milagrosa and dried on raised African-style drying beds for 24-72 hours. We were able to secure the 45 kilos of the washed Gesha that Hector grew in the 2022-2023 season.

In 2005 and 2006 Hector’s Gesha coffee placed in the winning group in the Best of Panama competitions and was sold at auction to his first Japanese and Taiwanese customers. In 2012, Finca La Milagrosa Gesha placed second in the Best of Panama competition with a score of 90.40. Hector’s Gesha placed just behind Hacienda Esmeralda, the farm that brought the sensational Gesha to the Best Of Panama competition for the first time in 2004. The 2012 lot of Finca La Milagrosa later sold at auction for over $90.25 per pound! Finca La Milagrosa’s excellence persists to this day, with Hector garnering awards from both National and International competitions. You can experience ‘The Miracle’ yourself when roasting and tasting this superb Gesha.