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Sítio Matinha, Brazil COE


A rare opportunity to experience Brazil’s Cup of Excellence finalist coffee. Finalists of the Cup of Excellence competition are widely recognised as being amongst the top 1% in the world’s largest coffee-producing nation. This unique and distinctive coffee was awarded 13th place out of hundreds of entrants.

Expect complexity in flavour ranging from herbal and citrus to red fruits and vanilla.

Size: 300g

Producer: Edson Junior De Miranda

Varieties: Yellow Catuaí

Process: Pulp natural

Elevation: 1,250 masl



Cup of Excellence is a rigorous and prestigious competition, which results in an auction of the highest scoring coffees. Each year, thousands of coffees are submitted for consideration. Winning coffees are sold in global online auctions at premium prices, with proceeds going directly to the producers. Each sample submitted to the Cup of Excellence competition is tasted ‘blind’ by a panel of industry experts; First by a National Jury of 12 qualified jurors, then by an International Jury of 20-25 Jurors from around the world. Within a country's Cup of Excellence competition, there will be around 300 entries and 9,000 cups tasted, with the top 10 scoring coffees being tasted at least 120 times. This lot from Sítio Matinha, Brazil scored #13 in the 2021 Cup of Excellence Competition in Brazil, which took place in January of 2022.

The land of Sítio Matinha, is blessed with four natural springs, a river with a waterfall, and a gorgeous view of the Minas Gerais mountains. Coffee production on the farm started in 1967 when the farm was founded by Edio Anacleto Mirando. It was about 23 years ago, after acquiring a small coffee processing machine, that the potential of the coffee at Sítio Matinha was realised. Since then, the family has won awards in coffee competitions and notoriety for their focus on coffee quality. Social and environmental responsibility are at the heart of all activity on the farm, as they seek to create a safe and balanced environment that respects nature.

The farm is now managed by Edson Junior de Miranda, Edio’s son. While most of the Brazilian coffee harvest is mechanised, the harvest at Sítio Matinha is done by hand, by the family and hired workers, with the aim to create jobs in the area. Hand selection of the coffee allows for only the ripest, best cherries to be harvested. After harvest, the coffee is cleaned of all dirt and debris from the farm as soon as possible.

Once clean, the coffee is transported to the processing facility. The coffee is pulped using very little water, which is completely recycled through the use of a settling tank. Once pulped, the coffee dries on raised beds or patios, where they are separated according to quality. After quality selection, the lots are kept separated in warehouses before being milled and all defects removed.