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Biggest leap forward in home coffee roasting


October 2021

Introducing the new Home Roaster and App

New Home Roaster

Larger roasting capacity, same compact design.

Available now


We’ve doubled the roasting capacity of the new Home Roaster from 50g to 100g (3.5oz). Making our technology more convenient with the larger batch size, whilst not compromising the overall experience and practicalities of roasting in your kitchen was a serious design challenge.

Building on the foundations of our 50g version, we’ve upgraded the roasting chamber, brushless fan, heating element, glass jar, doser, and more - to ensure a more powerful roasting system. Expect faster roasting sessions but with our same great design, compact size, smoke-prevention, and excellent roast quality.


New roasting chamber 'bean ramp'
Ask any Roast Master, and they’ll tell you the key to great roasting is even heat distribution. This is a clear advantage to air roasting on IKAWA Home and something we’ve doubled down on.

Agitating the beans as they roast, the ‘bean ramp’ is simple, effective, and well placed to deliver even roasts time after time.

Improved Inlet Air Filter
The ultimate protection from foreign objects without compromising on performance. We’ve lined the air inlet valves with a metal filter mesh to pull in a consistent flow of air - and nothing else.


Next-gen Louvre Vents
The unsung hero of our Roaster, and now re-engineered to maximise airflow efficiency. The new Louvre Vents are located at the bottom of the roasting chamber, which funnel hot air to the chamber in just the right way to begin the cyclone process: simultaneously spinning the beans for an even roast and collecting chaff automatically throughout the roast.

Powerfully quiet
Increasing the batch size and power was always going to risk an increase in sound level. Our newly designed noise filter compensates for this and, as you might imagine, we’re quietly proud about that.

New Home App

The biggest leap forward in home coffee roasting.

Available now on iOS*


At IKAWA, we strive to bring coffee drinkers like yourself closer to the source of green beans; grown and harvested in some of the most iconic locations in the world. With that, we've rethought the Home App's central focus and how you interact and engage with it.

Introducing 'My Library' - your new roast companion, allowing you to build and organise your unique collection of coffees and roast recipes. Add IKAWA green beans using your in-app QR code scanner, quickly send roast recipes to your Roaster, or take your time to learn about the fascinating people and places that brought your chosen coffee to you.

'My Library' becomes your digital filing system as your coffee collection expands, easily navigable to find and send recipes to your Roaster.


Dramatic improvements to interactions with roasts
Roast recipes have taken a whole new role and meaning. Traditionally data-driven and one dimensional, we’ve transformed what it means to select and track your roasts to be more informative and empowering.

The new App closes the gap between the often confusing but critical way that your roast inputs impact the flavour of your final cup. Introducing:

- All-new roast recipe graph design.

- Dynamic guidance to expected flavours in acidity, body and bitterness.

- Real-time roast stage timestamp.

- Introductions to each recipe from our coffee experts.


Create your favourite custom recipes with our new controls
The new Home App redefines how we achieve the best tasting coffee based on your preferences.

Tailored to each IKAWA green bean, we've introduced two new controls: Roast Degree (five levels across Light to Dark) and Development Time (Low, Medium, and High). This new, simplified way of creating your own recipes makes it possible to explore the many ways coffee can be roasted and enjoyed. Recipes update in real-time to show you expected flavours and roast stages. This is a first in the industry.


It only gets better over time
The App is at the heart of the Home Roasting System. It gives us the freedom to dramatically improve the overall experience of using our products for all IKAWA Home users. This means your home roasting experience only gets better over time.

One million cups and counting
From all of us at IKAWA, we’re here with you as you begin your roasting journey. People like you have made over 1 million cups of fresh, great-tasting, custom-roasted coffee with the IKAWA Home roasting technology. Make the leap and join them today.