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Felicita Incline Coffee Scale


A must-have for getting the best results from the IKAWA Home Roasting System. The Felicita Incline Coffee Scale is compact, incredibly responsive, and comes with a companion app. It is the perfect upgrade to your coffee at home set up and for weighing your green beans with ultra-precision.

Measuring both weight (g/oz) and time concurrently via a joint LCD display, the Felicita Incline Coffee Scale's incredible sensitivity and responsiveness make for a cohesive and intuitive home barista experience.

The Felicita Incline Coffee Scale is lithium-ion rechargeable via USB and bluetooth-connective and can take up to 2kg of weight. And to top that all off, it’s inherently water-resistant and can be likewise equipped with a heat-resistant rubber mat. A perfect coffee companion for working with on the bar.

Comes with:

  • Micro USB Cable for charging
  • 100g Calibration Weight
  • Heat Resistant Pad
  • Bluetooth Connectivity with the Felicita Coffee app