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The Rare Coffee Collection


A collection of four special and unique coffees, in limited quantities. Available only while supplies last.

What is included in this collection

4x 300g bags of limited release coffees:

Plus a bespoke brewing recipe from Singapore's Brewers Cup Champion, 2022 World Brewers Cup 2nd runner up and friend of IKAWA, Elysia Tan.


We have combined all of our most rare and extraordinary coffees into a collection that will delight even the most discerning coffee drinker. Each of these coffees come with two recommended roasting recipes each. Additionally, we have asked Elysia Tan, friend of IKAWA and Singapore's Brewer's Cup Champion, to contribute their own exclusive personal touch to this collection, in the form of a bespoke brewing recipe for one of the coffees within this collection.

Al Qafr, Yemen

Al Qafr is a large village, home to around 150,000 people, of which 20% grow coffee. Known for its mild climate all year round, Ibb has a shortage of water, limited workforce and lack of seedings which present the main challenges that coffee farmers face here.

This coffee was sourced through Qima coffee, who have done an incredible amount of research and work into preserving the coffee growing culture of Ibb by sperating individual lots of coffees, paying above a living wage for the coffee harvested and providing access to centralised processing stations. Previously in Yemen, Every farmer would process and dry their crop themselves, which created a lot of discrepancies and possible faults being included in the exported crops which in turn, did not allow them to get the most that they could for their crop. There was no investment in coffee production infrastructure from farmers, as most farmers produce very little crop and there was very little profit to invest into infrastructure.

This natural processed peaberry, processed and exported through Qima coffee, is a testament to the quality and history of Yemeni coffee.

Kambera Gesha, Panama

Located on the western side of Barú Volcano in the heart of the isthmus that is Panama, this estate is the first and only place in the world outside of Ethiopia where Indigenous Ethiopian Heirloom has grown as it grows in Ethiopia: under a dense forest canopy.

Ninety Plus Gesha Estates, guided by its founder, Joseph Brodsky, has been at the forefront of producing the world’s most sought after coffees. A drive to be innovative in growing and trademarked methods of processing coffee, Ninety Plus have set a precedent for excellence in Specialty Coffee.

The Gesha variety, originally hailing from the south western region of Ethiopia of the same name, has been a widely sought after coffee since 2004.

This lot from Ninety Plus is an anaerobic natural process coffee and tends to be intensely fruity and have a wide range of flavours from post-roast day 1 to post-roast day 60.

Kemgin Gesha, Panama

This is our second year purchasing directly from Ninety Plus Candela Estates.

Joseph Brodsky, Ninety Plus' founder, has become known as an innovator when it comes to growing coffee and his own trademarked coffee processing. Over the last 13 years, Joseph has been growing and experimenting with coffee, creating unique flavour profiles on the same 2,000 hectares that he purchased in 2009.

This lot of washed Gesha has become known for not only its incredibly fine and complex flavour profile but also its cost, as it is not as sturdy and robust as other coffee varieties and tends to be a low yield plant.

Ninety Plus have set a precedent for excellence in Specialty Coffee. Since 2014, Ninety Plus coffees have been used by 5 of the first 6 World Brewer’s Cup Champions.

Sítio Matinha, Brazil COE

Cup of Excellence is a rigorous and prestigious competition, which results in an auction of the highest scoring coffees. Each coffee that is submitted to the competition is tasted ‘blind’ by a panel of industry experts; First by a National Jury of 12 qualified jurors, then by an International Jury of 20-25 Jurors from around the world. Within a Cup of Excellence competition, there will usually be around 300 entries and 9,000 cups tasted, with the top 10 scoring coffees being tasted at least 120 times. This lot from Sítio Matinha, Brazil scored #13 in the 2021 Cup of Excellence Competition in Brazil, which took place in January of 2022.

The land of Sítio Matinha, is blessed with four natural springs, a river with a waterfall, and a gorgeous view of the Minas Gerais mountains. Coffee production on the farm started in 1967 when the farm was founded by Edio Anacleto Mirando. It was about 23 years ago, after acquiring a small coffee processing machine, that the potential of the coffee at Sítio Matinha was realised. Since then, the family has won awards in coffee competitions and notoriety for their focus on coffee quality. A lot of this can be attributed to their commitment to hand selecting their harvested coffee cherries to ensure that onlu the ripest and best cherries are picked. Social and environmental responsibility are at the heart of all activity on the farm, as they seek to create a safe and balanced environment that respects nature.