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The maker of the world’s first
smart home coffee roaster.

IKAWA designs and manufactures smart coffee roasters in London, England. Our award-winning roasting technology is tested and proven to be consistent, precise, and easy to use. We make exploring coffee roasting at home safe, accessible, rewarding and a perfect extension to your experience of preparing great coffee at home.

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Popular Questions

What do I get from buying the IKAWA Home Roasting System?

The IKAWA Home Roasting system allows you to take your coffee to a higher level by putting you in control of how and when your coffee is roasted. Our simple to operate, beautifully designed, countertop roasting machine uses innovative air roasting technology to cleanly and precisely roast fresh and great tasting coffee beans according to how you’ve set up your roast recipe on the IKAWA Home App.

The IKAWA Home App digitally organises, tracks, and controls the Roaster and your roast recipes. Build your unique library of coffees and recipes from our extensive curated range of beans, or add your own beans. Select from our recommended recipes or change how it’s roasted using the extensive selection of recipes available. Learn about where our green beans come from and how each roast has been designed to get the very best results, tailored to your selected preferences.

Getting started is easy with our complimentary Round the World Starter Kit. Sourced and curated by our experienced team, you’ll be ready to quickly and effortlessly enjoy fresh tasting coffee from the word go.

With the IKAWA Home, we believe your experience of preparing coffee will be taken to a higher level as you experiment with the freshest green coffee beans and explore the many ways they can be roasted.

What are the benefits of roasting your own coffee?

If you want to take more ownership of preparing your coffee, coffee roasting is your next step. When you have tasted the freshest cup of coffee, crafted precisely the way you want it roasted, you will not want to go back.

IKAWA Home will give you control and flexibility all from an app, as you will be able to experiment with the freshest coffees available and explore roast recipes that you can truly call your own.

Additionally, our goal at IKAWA is to positively affect the whole coffee supply chain, which means fair payment for farmers and helping them improve their coffee farming process. The green coffees we provide are traceable to their source, and our experienced team creates recommended filter and espresso recipes for all coffees we offer. In essence, our mission is to improve the coffee experience for all, that includes the farmers and drinkers.

What can I achieve with the IKAWA Home Roasting System?

The IKAWA Home Roasting System is designed to help you achieve the freshest coffee, prepared exactly to your liking. This could range anywhere from a filter/drip/pour-over coffee to dark Italian espresso/mocha.

Discover all our recommended roast recipes for filter and espresso using the IKAWA Home App and our curated selection of green beans. We love these roasts, but you’re in control. You can explore and change your roasts by editing roast degrees and development time to automatically generate recipes designed specifically to get the best flavours from your roast preferences and the green beans you are using.

By controlling roasts digitally, you will achieve excellent and consistent roast results time and time again with the roast recipes you have selected. This means your perfect coffee, fresh every single morning!

The IKAWA Home Roasting system works best with our curated selection of green beans. However, you can also add your coffees from elsewhere and by selecting its processing method. That allows access to recommended recipes and the ability to change roast degrees and development times using our guided editing flow.

Is the IKAWA Home for me? What about the IKAWA Pro?

If you are a coffee lover wanting to take greater ownership over how you prepare your coffee at home, with ultimate freshness and roasts tailored to your unique preference – the IKAWA Home is for you!

The IKAWA Pro is designed for coffee industry businesses who need a greater degree of roast control, consistency, and a data-driven approach to making important green coffee purchasing decisions. To achieve this, the IKAWA Pro range offers different control methods such as specific temperature and airflow points, roast data and roasting tools (such as RoR and Cropster integration), among others. It is also certified to lab standards.

While the underlying technology of the Home Roaster is based on our Pro technology, the two products are tailored to very different needs and levels. The IKAWA Home is designed for coffee lovers to be able to enjoy consistently fresh and great-tasting coffee customised precisely to how you like it.

We believe the IKAWA Home Roaster is the best choice for your kitchen, allowing you to unlock the flavours and freshness that home roasting on an IKAWA Home can offer. If you would like to learn more about the IKAWA Sample Roaster, please visit here.

What is IKAWA Home Perks and Credit?

IKAWA Home Perks is a way to earn IKAWA Credit on your web account when you participate in offers we run. From your account, you can easily see how many IKAWA Credits you have earned and apply them to future orders.

IKAWA Credits are a digital form of store credit that can be spent in the IKAWA Home Shop on green coffee, roasting accessories, and shipping. They are anchored to a value in GBP (£) but can be used against orders in Euros and US Dollars - with an automatic exchange applied when used.

1 IKAWA Credit = £1 store credit to make purchases with.

IKAWA Credit is subject to terms and conditions. To learn more about it please visit here: IKAWA Credit

Getting Started with IKAWA Home

Which countries do you ship to?

At present, we ship to the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Kuwait and Taiwan.

We offer free international shipping with every Roaster order and we typically partner with DHL. If we do not currently ship to your country, please email and we will be happy to advise. Customers may be liable for any local import duties or taxes when the delivery is to a country outside the United Kingdom.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept Amex, Mastercard and Visa debit and credit cards; Paypal (and Paypal Credit), Splitit and Klarna (UK).

What is the 30 day guarantee?

Our 30 day guarantee is our way of promising that the IKAWA Home Roasting System will take your experience of preparing coffee at home to the next level! So, if you purchase the IKAWA Home Roasting System and you can’t roast great coffee, you have 30 days to return it for free. Next level coffee experience, or we will buy it back.

How big is the Roaster? Will it fit in my kitchen?

We’ve designed the Roaster to fit perfectly on a kitchen countertop. The dimensions are 24 x 13 x 35 cm (9.5 x 5.2 x 14 in) and it weighs 5kg (11lbs). Great things come in small packages!

I have no experience roasting coffee, how would I do my first roast?

Install the Roaster easily using a standard 13amp household socket. We’ll guide you through the process from there and get you roasting in no time. Once you’ve downloaded the Home App and had a look around, select one of the green beans we’ve provided in your Starter Kit and scan the QR code on the back of the packaging. Learn more about the coffee, and choose one of our recommended roast recipes (filter or espresso) to get started.

Follow the simple steps to start your roast and watch as your beans transform in around 10 minutes or less.

From there, you can continue roasting, explore the different ways the roast recipe can be edited, or select another coffee from your Starter Kit. Happy roasting!

How do I create my own roasts?

The IKAWA Home Roaster is designed to work with the IKAWA Home iOS app, which can be downloaded free on the iTunes Store (Android coming soon!). Because the IKAWA Home Roaster is digitally controlled, you can trust that each roast is easily repeatable and consistent.

You create your own roasts by ‘editing’ an existing roast recipe within each coffee in your Library. This will give you control over the roast degree (from Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Medium-Dark, and Dark) and its development time (Low, Medium, High) for either filter or espresso. With over 30 variable roast recipes for each coffee, you can create roasts that are customised to how you like your coffee to taste.

We believe the new and improved roast editor will give home customers the best chance of achieving their desired roast preference. However, for those who want to edit an IKAWA Home roast curve from scratch, we've made freestyle editing of roast recipes available as an optional, paid feature. We call this: Advanced Editor and can be subscribed in-app at £29.99 per month. Advanced Editor is free for customers who bought the first version of our Roasting System (discontinued 12 October 2021), when these controls were the primary mode of customisation on our Roasting System.

What is the batch size of each roast?

The roast capacity of the IKAWA Home Roaster is 100g of green coffee, which will amount to around 90g of roasted coffee beans. One of the key features of the IKAWA Home is its consistency and repeatability. When you send a recipe to the Roaster, it stores the latest recipe in the Roaster. This means that you can repeat the same roast over and over again, just at the touch of a button.

How long does a roast take?

You will find that many of your favourite roast recipes will usually take around 6-10 minutes. You can experiment to find what works best for you! The IKAWA Home Roaster has a maximum roast time of 12 minutes.

Does it produce much smoke?

IKAWA Home’s patented and innovative cyclone system prevents smoke-build up during roasting. This is one of the key aspects of our technology (alongside size, automatic chaff collection, and smart app controls) that makes roasting on the IKAWA Home Roasting System so much more practical and rewarding compared to other systems.

We recommend roasting with your kitchen ventilation switched on or a window open (particularly in smaller kitchens) to prevent the accumulation of hot air in the room when roasting multiple batches.

How loud is it?

The IKAWA Home Roaster averages 77dB during the roast, which is no louder than your typical kitchen stovetop extractor. This means that you can use the IKAWA Home on your kitchen countertop, which will both look and sound great – you will also be able to listen for first and second cracks!

If I order the IKAWA Home Roasting System today, when will I receive it, and what will I get out of the box?

*Note that when demand is high, or a new product is being launched, we sometimes introduce availability batches. Please visit the product page for up to date availability information.

Typically, we aim to dispatch all orders within 2-3 working days from placing an order, and we typically ship with DHL’s Worldwide Service. Depending on where you are, the delivery may take up to 1 week from dispatch.

When you order the IKAWA Home Roasting system, you will receive the IKAWA Home Roaster, 1 Round the World Starter Kit (x5 300g bags of delicious green beans from around the world), 2 Collection Jars, 1 Power Lead (UK/EU/US), and access to the IKAWA Home iOS App (Android update coming soon!).

Roasting on IKAWA Home

Can I operate the IKAWA Home Roasting System without the app?

The IKAWA Home Roasting System is designed to work with the IKAWA Home App, where you will be able to choose, customise and monitor your roast recipes.

However, when you are repeating a roast recipe that was already sent to the Roaster, you do not need the app. The Roaster stores the last recipe sent – simply push the go button and run the latest recipe as many times as you like without any inputs from the app.

Can I roast coffees that are not supplied by IKAWA?

As a Roasting System, IKAWA Home works best with the expansive (and growing) range of green coffee beans curated by IKAWA. However, you can roast beans sold elsewhere.

In the IKAWA Home App, we've made it easier for you to roast beans outside of our range by offering "Add your own" functionality to My Library. Here, you'll be able to name your coffee. By selecting how the coffee has been processed at origin (Washed or Natural), you'll get access to our recommended roast recipes and be able to customise by roast degree and development time, just like the beans supplied by us.

We think you'll love our excellent range of beans, sourced transparently and more directly from coffee growers around the world, but we don't want to stop you from seeking alternatives if that's what works best for you.

How does the IKAWA Home Roasting System handle light and dark roasts?

What a great question! The IKAWA Home Roasting System allows you to prepare coffee you can truly call your own, whether a light fruity roast or a dark velvety espresso roast. This is because you will have control over your roast recipes and customise them according to what you like using roast degree (Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Medium-Dark, and Dark) and development time (Low, Medium, High).

Once you’ve found a roast recipe you love, our Roaster and digital app work together to ensure precision and consistency so you can enjoy the same roast each time.

We suggest trying out the recommended filter and espresso recipes to start, then tweaking the roast recipes towards what you prefer – a darker roast for intense, velvety tastes or lighter for more lively and juicy bodied flavours. We encourage you to explore what you like and start to master the art of roasting your own coffee.

What is the warranty?

We’ve designed the IKAWA Home Roaster to be low-maintenance and built to last, so we don’t anticipate you having anything to worry about on this front. However, things happen - and whilst our dedicated support team is here for you throughout your use of our products, we offer a full return-to-base 12-month warranty for peace of mind.

What is advanced editing?

For those who want to edit an IKAWA Home roast curve from scratch, we've made freestyle editing of roast recipes available as an optional, paid feature - we call Advanced Editor.

In Advanced Editing, you can edit roast recipes with up to 6 roast inlet temperature points, 3 airflow points across 12 minutes and customise bean cooling for up to 3 minutes. It's available as a subscription at £29.99 (facilitated via the iTunes store) or free for customers who bought the first version of our Roasting System (discontinued 12 October 2021), when these controls were the primary mode of customisation on our Roasting System.

IKAWA Green Coffee Beans

Why should I use IKAWA green coffee beans?

We at IKAWA are proud of the green coffee beans we provide to our customers. Before they go live on our shop, our in-house team samples and tastes all available options to the highest standards - we are confident that you will enjoy the freshest and best-tasting coffees from around the world.

Alongside our quality guarantee, we ensure that each green coffee is traceable and ethically farmed and sourced. You can read more about each coffee on their respective pages.

Our experienced team creates recommended espresso and filter recipes for all green coffees we offer. We believe that you will be able to enjoy the freshest and best-tasting coffees right out of the bag. Our range is growing; check them out here.

Finally, get rewarded when you buy IKAWA green beans! When you purchase green beans from our coffee shop, you'll receive 10% back in IKAWA Credit which you can use in your next coffee or accessories order. Alternatively, you can save it up for a more substantial spend! Learn more about how IKAWA Credits work here.

How are the green beans in the IKAWA shop sourced?

IKAWA’s vision is to positively impact every part of the coffee process, from farm to cup. We do our best to maintain a healthy relationship with coffee farmers, ensure that all coffees we sourced is of the highest quality, and the farmers are paid and treated fairly. We do our best to maintain sourcing transparency so that you know where the coffees you love comes from. You will be able to learn more about each coffee from the website and on the coffee packs.

How does the IKAWA perks work?

When you purchase any green beans from our IKAWA online coffee shop, you'll automatically receive 10% back in IKAWA Credits, which you'll be able to spend on your next coffee or accessories order. You can even use your IKAWA Credit toward your shipping cost! Click here to learn more about setting up an account, checking your balance, or using your credit.