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Kichawir AA, Kenya


Expect notes of lemon, cane sugar, peach and black tea when lightly roasted; and raspberry, shortbread, malt and syrup when roasted darker.

Size: 500g

Producer: Kichawir Farmers’ Cooperative Society

Variety: SL34, SL28, K7, Ruiru 11, Batian

Process: Fully-washed

Elevation: 2,000m



Located in the south-west region of Kenya, the Kericho county is the home of the Kichawir wet mill. The county is not only known for its speciality coffee production, but also for its world-renowned tea production. Coffee from this region has medium to high acidity due to its fertile soil at high altitudes. You will be able to pick up on citrus and rich chocolate.

This coffee is fully washed. Coffee cherries that float to the surface of the water are picked to ensure the highest quality. These specially selected cherries are then fermented in fresh river water for 4-6 days, subsequently, they are cleaned, sorted and dried on raised beds for 3-5 weeks. The cherries undergo a final grading process when it reaches its optimum moisture content.

When using the recommended filter recipe, notice the aggressive application of heat during the early stages of the roast. This quickens the drying process before immediately tapering off into the development phase. A final application of heat right before first crack accelerates the beans into the development phase. Expect notes of lemon, cane sugar, peach and black tea. When using the recommended espresso recipe, the beans are rapidly dried with an immediate application of heat. Heat is applied yet again during the final 3 minutes of the roast. Expect notes of raspberry, shortbread, malt and syrup.